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The Merrymakers Entertainment group, in Afrikaans also known as the "Pretmakers Vermaaklikheidsgroep", is a Christian business ministry operating throughout South Africa for the past decades, presenting shows and providing training, with the primary goal of making a change to young people's lives. This is mainly to activate and mobilize youngsters for Jesus Christ.


This highly experienced and talented entertainment group has an interdenominational ministry, because the Body of Jesus Christ is a sensitive and an extremely important subject for them. Wherever the Merrymakers entertainment group's clowns and the singing doggie Mitsie are invited, they surely enjoy entertaining everyone. Mime and puppet shows are also part of the fun.

ARK: Kitty Cat Puppet Show * Poppespel
ARK: Merrymakers Mime * Pretmakers Mimiek

The focus is on the youth between the ages of 4 to 12 years, although the clowns of Merrymakers have had productions at congregations and retirement homes. The shows of this ministry are acted out with fun and lots of humor as part of the theme. Through God's grace, many faces were brightened and souls also spiritually enriched with the Evangelical message, which was presented on the ministry field throughout the years.


Children are the team's passion, because they believe children are the VIP's in God's kingdom. The group is also very engaged in charity projects.

ARK: Pretmaker Happy Chappy
ARK: Merrymakers Puppets * Pretmakers Poppespel

With their puppet theatre, play, clowns, dance and mime training, they also try to help children to develop and apply their talents to the fullest extent and for the expansion of God's Kingdom. Training in mime, puppet manipulation, makeup, acting techniques, voiceovers and scriptwriting are all part of the education available.


A number of CDs and DVDs with spiritual content,
in addition to fun sculpture balloons and excellently composed gift hampers are all for sale from this industrious team.

ARK: Mitsie die singende hondjie * Mitsie the singing doggie

Phone or send a request if you want to invite the Merrymakers Entertainment team for an appearance, if you want to commission their training services, or if you have any questions about their versatile assortment of fun products.

THANK YOU, your support is highly appreciated!

Visit the main MerryMakers site at: where you will find much more information
Telephone: 072 746 0093 or 061 959 2259



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